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Goodbye Gold Coast

A fantastic week in the Gold Coast, Australia, is now coming to an end. I’ve been here attending the 10th International Conference on Performance-Based Codes and Fire Safety Design Methods, which took place from Monday to Wednesday. My contribution entitled Fire Protection of Underground Transportation Systems: A Decision Support Tool for Designers and Rescue Services was presented on the second day of the conference, and I spent the 20 min I had been allocated talking about TuFT: Tunnel Fire Tools, a simple text based computer model which I and Håkan Frantzich at Lund University have developed for quick tunnel fire dynamic, evacuation and rescue operation assessments. I explained the basic principles of the tool, and from what I understood after the presentation, it was well received. If you were not able to attend the conference, or if you did and would like to see the presentation slides again, they are available for download here. Those of you who are interested in TuFT, and who would like to try it out, will have to wait until November 24. This is the date the software will be published online at http://www.brand.lth.se/TuFT together with a technical documentation, a manual and the TuFT macro (thanks to Niklas Berg for the latter).

Yesterday I attended the SFPE course Fire and Life Safety of Very Tall Buildings, a course lectured by Prof. Brian Meacham. An interesting overview course about matters and principles to have in mind, especially in the design phase of highrise buildings. The course marked the end of my stay here in the Gold Coast, and in a couple of hours I will begin my long journey back to Sweden.


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