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My most extensive publication so far

In 2011, I performed a  large experiment in Stockholm. In total, 100 people took part in an evacuation experiment of a smoke filled rail tunnel. Some of the results from this experiment have already been presented in conference proceedings and in journal papers, see my Publications. However, with the release of Evacuation of a Smoke Filled Tunnel: Human Behaviour, Movement Speed and Exit Choice last friday, everything is now presented together within the same technical report. In my analysis, I have combined video recordings (observations) with questionnaire and interview answers in order to optimize the scientific value of the content. In addition, everything is published, including all the raw data. Following this link, you will find not only the report in .PDF format, but also corresponding spreadsheets, CAD-files and .PDF-files with everything from the experiment, including the transcribed interviews, analysis of behaviors, exit choice, movement and modeling speeds, wall walking proportion and walking paths. I hope this is well received within the community!


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