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Planning phase of a new evacuation experiment

As a part of a research project that the Department of Fire Safety Engineering and Systems Safety is doing for Trafikverket, I visited Norra länken some two weeks ago. Among other things, we are going to study how road users can be guided to the opposite tunnel side in a smoke filled tunnel when emergency exits are only available on one side of the tunnel. How? In a full scale evacuation experiment of course!

Next year, the plan is to smoke-fill a section of 150 m somewhere in Norra länken, and then send people into the smoke. Similar to what we have done previously for a rail tunnel, we will study the effectiveness of different systems that have been proposed in earlier parts of the research project in rigorous design experiments. Naturally, a full scale evacuation experiment with people in smoke demands rigorous planning, and furthermore that a regional ethical committee has accepted the experimental methodology. I have therefore spent this and last week writing on an experimental plan, and begun to consider the ethical aspects of the experiments. Next step is to formulate the ethical application! To be continued…


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