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Rethinking tunnel evacuation strategies: Is there a better way to improve life safety?

Yesterday and today I have attended the Fire Protection and Safety in Tunnels conference at the Hilton Copenhagen Airport Hotel, arranged by ARENA International Events Groups. The conference offered some interesting presentations, but maybe more importantly, some time to chat with people within the field. During the conference dinner yesterday night, I was acknowledged with the award Outstanding contribution to research in tunnel fire safety, which to be honest made me feel very proud over myself. Many thanks to those of you who have nominated me for this award, and of course to the judges for valuing my work!

Having received the award yesterday, I was extra thrilled for todays roundtable discussions. I held three 30 minutes sessions, entitled Rethinking tunnel evacuation strategies: Is there a better way to improve life safety?, and somewhat 20 delegates attended each session. Although 30 minutes is not enough to penetrate the topic as deep as I would have wanted, it still gave us an opportunity to scratch on the surface a bit. For those of you who are interested in knowing more  about what we talked about, please follow this link where you can find a .PDF-version of the PowerPoint presentation that I used as a basis for our discussions.


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    Michael Strömgren says:

    Congrats! No doubt well deserved! Will be interesting to follow your future research /Mike

  • Posted: 3 oktober, 2013 Svara

    Peter Bishop says:

    Very well deserved. Congratulations. This is a subject that has absolutely facinatesd me since I was principal conceptual designer of an Fire escape and refuge system within the 3.2 km 78 year old Queensway Tunnel in Liverpool

  • Posted: 3 oktober, 2013 Svara

    Karl Fridolf says:


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